Small Kitchen Layouts

What is so special about designing a small kitchen ?

You will face many hassles while designing a small kitchen. The roots of all these hassles lie in the small space that you have to design. Small space is an advantage in the sense that it is cheaper to work on it. But it is a disadvantage when it comes to making it as comfortable and efficient as a big kitchen.

Therefore, whether you are building a new kitchen or renovating an old one you will able to extract the maximum mileage if you have the proper layout.

How important is a proper layout

You may buy all the deep shelves, deep cabinets and the new compact appliances that are being made for small kitchens, but your kitchen will remain in the same mess if you do not have the proper kitchen layout. The kitchen layout tells you where to keep the appliances and the rest of kitchen ware. The proper storage of these items gives you an efficient kitchen where working is a pleasure.

Choosing a layout

There are several basic layouts to choose from. But what you finally choose will depend on the budget you have for your kitchen, the shape of your kitchen and what do you expect from your kitchen. Whatever layout you choose you must give the kitchen triangle its due place. This triangle consists of the refrigerator, the cooking area and the sink. These three areas are the ones with which the cook is most concerned. At any time you will find her mostly in any one of these three places. This triangle therefore has to be as compact as possible. The sides of this triangle should be as short as possible and the movement between any two pints of this triangle should be unhindered.

Types of layouts

The most common lay out for a small kitchen is the U and the L shaped lay out. The U shaped layout is the best for a busy small kitchen. What’s more you can have a very compact kitchen triangle in a U shaped kitchen. That makes it very convenient to access any point of the triangle. The final result is a very compact and efficient kitchen where the people cooking can move around without any obstructions. Another advantage of a U shaped kitchen is that you get a lot of counter space to store various items.

In an L shaped kitchen the work areas are also close to each other. It also provides ample space for keeping your appliances. As aid earlier the lay out chosen depend a lot on the shape of the kitchen. Given the right shape you can easily convert an existing L shaped kitchen into a U shaped kitchen.

For some spaces the galley lay out may be more convenient. Here there are two rows with one side open. This layout provides more space to move about. If you have a tiny kitchen then the line kitchen is the best layout. Here all work is done on one side of the kitchen. The sink is usually in the middle with appliances on either side of it.